"Babe, you need to start selling these. I can't eat them all."

- My husband said one day.
And so, 1911bakery was born.

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They're Real, and they're Spectacular!

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What I love about a beautiful cake is the effect it has on people. I don't know if you noticed, but beautiful cakes really do make people smile. - That's why each one of my cakes is a naughty show-stopper. When I make a cake that I don't want to part with, that's when I know that that cake is worth every single one of your pennies, and that's the cake you will pick up. I never give out a cake that I don't want to eat myself, or that I am not fully satisfied with both visually and taste-wise.  

And since I bake in order to spoil people rather than to feed the masses, I am directly interested in the quality of the ingredients that I am using, the kitchen environment and the freshness of my products. This project is about serving art on a plate, and because of that, my quality standards are a serious cut above the market. Furthermore, I simply believe that "sweet" is not a flavor.
That's why my cakes are not sugar, but flavor packed.

My cakes are inspired from traditional cuisines originating from East Europe and modern international trends, and unless mentioned otherwise, all recipes are my own creation.

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Manifesto: Let's Make This Life Tastier!

I am tired of the mass produced disgusting chocolate-chip cookies and processed food and pre-packaged, ready cooked meals.
The problem is not that the market offers this option - the problem is that we, the buyers, buy what we're being sold without questioning the necessity of it, the quality of it, or its effects on our bodies on the long run. 

And while we're on this topic, I am also fed up with the lack of standards in our society, in general. This "have your own truth" lifestyle that was rapidly embraced by the Western society, is too often used as an excuse for producing questionable products (
at best) and had already seriously affected our society. Everything that has to do with standards - from customer service, to quality assurance and to expectations, everything needs to be re-addressed. For some reason, we lost our standards, yet nobody does anything about it - because nobody feels strong enough to change the world.

But you don't need to change the world, in order to change the world.
It's enough to take ownership over one small area in your life, and do one thing right.
So here I am, in my small blue kitchen, surrounded by American-made beautiful pans and old-school American-made ovens, raising the bar for baked goods: I am serious about changing the world's standards in baked goods, one cake at a time.
What are YOU serious about?
If each one of us gets serious about one thing, we will make our planet beautiful once again. 

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Where can you find 1911bakery?

I do not have a storefront, because I only bake to order.
You can place an order online, by phone at 405-501-8135 or in person at Brubaker Arms Manufacturing office:
2107 East Mead Avenue

Yakima, WA, 98903
Hours: Tuesday - Friday, 12pm - 6pm

This is also where you will pick up your order.
Orders must be placed 3 days in advance.
Birthday cakes need 7 days notice and wedding / event cakes need 3 months notice.

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