TEA TODDY FANATIC - 12 servings - Earl Grey tea, Irish Cream Liqueur, Scotch


Soothing and comforting, this cake is a great way to wrap up an evening of entertaining with the guys. Although it contains alcohol, the taste is smooth.  The cake has strong flavors of hot brewed Earl Grey tea, Irish Cream Liqueur, Scotch with a sweet kick at the end. 

Believed to have been invented in Scotland sometime in the eighteenth century, the tea toddy is a popular cocktail during the cold months. The hot toddy is alternately called a hot whiskey (in Ireland), and you may also know it's rum-based relative, grog. By the mid-19th century, the hot toddy had secured its place as the cure for the common cold.

However, this wonderful cake is so light and airy, it is a perfect end of the day desert, even for summer evenings. The frosting has a cooling effect and it compensates for the powerful traditional toddy flavors. Serve it with a scoop of your favorite icecream and you'll discover a whole world of flavors!