BRITISH LEMON DRIZZLE - Vertical Layers Lemon Sponge and Blueberries

Sponge cakes, leavened with beaten eggs originated during the Renaissance on the European Continent. The Victorian creation of baking powder by English food manufacturer Alfred Bird in 1843 allowed the addition of butter to the traditional sponge recipe, resulting in the creation of the Victoria sponge. The main difference between a Sponge cake and a Victorian Sponge cake is that the Victorian Sponge slices disorderly and 'crumby' while the Génoise retains its form neatly.

The British Lemon Drizzle cake is considered to be a derived form of the Victoria sponge cake.

To add a fun twist to this cake, the layers are vertical and when you slice in that beautiful cake, you get thin vertical yellow layers and lovely blueberry ganache, wrapped together in an airy swiss buttercream. Delicate waffle pansies decorate the sides of the cakes, alongside with hard candy coated Jordan almonds and home made berry meringues on top.