The name "Battenberg" was revived in 1851, when Alexander (1823–88), a younger son of Louis II, grand duke of Hesse, contracted a morganatic marriage with the Polish countess Julia Theresa von Hauke (1825–95), who was then created countess of Battenberg. Battenberg cake has also been called church window cake, checkerboard cake, and domino cake. Another theory of the cake’s origin is that it was created in honor of the marriage of Princess Victoria to Prince Louis of Battenberg in 1884. Despite an undecided history, Battenberg cake has become a British classic.

Battenberg cake is the perfect sized cake to make at home, enough to last a full week of afternoon snacking. Plus, the marzipan coating works double duty—keeping the cake fresh, while being a tasty contrast to the light sponge cake.