QUINCE TARTE TATIN - 10 servings - Quince, Cinnamon, Star Anise

Not familiar with quince? Not a problem! Let us introduce you to this delightful fruit!

If you cut a quince open, you'll see that it looks very much like an apple inside, or perhaps like an apple and pear hybrid with an apple core and a pear shape. Eating a quince, however, would be like eating a really really tart apple, however, when it’s cooked, this fruit is extremely perfumed. It is a favourite in East Europe, although quince is cultivated on all continents in warm-temperate and temperate climates, so it is cultivated in the USA as well.

Our Quince Tarte Tatin is a true delight and will certainly encourage you to become a Quince-loving pie eater!